Currently Ernesto is a professor at the University of La Laguna, Canary Islands, where he studied Spanish and French Philology.

He was born in 1955 in the village of Los Silos,which is situated between the sea and the mountains in the north west ofTenerife. His love for literature beganwhen he was only a child. Oral tales, the stories aboutthetown, songs and the cinema have forged his passion for the word. University eventually consolidated his literary training. He has also studied literature and drama in France, Italy and Tunisia.

His passion for the Letters has given him the opportunities to givelectures, seminars and courses in both Spainishand foreign universities. He has also being invited to the Days of AlmagroClassical Theatre and the Rencontreautour de l’art du comédien, in Sousse, Tunisia as well as othercultural centers, libraries and universities in Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Puerto Rico.

His first forays into the literature were in the field of research, with works such as the translation and study of the theatrical play “Le Miracle de Tèophile”by Rutebeuf,an extensive study of the French medieval theater and the editing and analysis of the surreal poetryby the Tenerife poet Emeterio Gutierrez Albelo. Following his works of researchhe has written publications on drama, poetry, and infant dramatizations.

Hispassionfor literature and art, has led him to create festivals, conferences and workshops, all related to story, narrative anddrama.


  • Prize for Theatre texts «Santa Cruz de la Palma» in 1994, with the play “The African.”
  • Prize for Theatre texts «Santa Cruz de la Palma» in 1996, with the work “The octopus.”
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife Narrative Prize, 1996, with the storybook “Missed Stories”. Second prize.
  • Ateneo de La Laguna Prize, 1998, with the book “Things of gods.”
  • TaramelaPrize,in the category of children’s story, 2004, with the text “Mario was not as the others wanted.”
  • International Award for Theatrical research in Monastir (Tunisia).
  • Pajarita de Papel Prize, Bahia Blanca, Argentina, for the dedication to the world of childhood and children’s literature, 2004.


In 1996he began to develop an idea which has gradually grown into one of the more popular festivals in Spain fororation and narration.

As years go by this ritehas become a necessity, and as all rites are executed in a certain time of the year, the beginningof winter brings to Los Silos myths, legends and stories. The trees are colored with an epicair. The cobblestones reveal secrets, and the waves bring words from elsewhere. Bottles with messages arrive andare broken on the sea shore. Stories from other places, words from elsewhere.


Each year theFestivalbecomes more recognized, both nationallyand internationally.Here are some of thepublicationsin specialized magazines or in the generalpressthat have documentedits impact.

  • Tantágora. Publication devoted tothe oral narration, storiesandstorytellers. Barcelona, Spain.
  • Oral narrationcatalogin Spain. PublicLibraryofGuadalajara, Spain.
  • Ludo MagazineofBuenosAires, Argentina.
  • La GrandeOreille, Paris, France.
  • Prosas do Simposio. Río de Janeiro, Brasil.
  • Municipal Librariesof NewYorkMagazine,United States.

A sample of some of his publications.

Children’s theater
Imagination Street, No. 2.Editor: Maresía.

Imagination and boredom can’t be friends, although both can play with the characters of our stories. A king, a pastor, a pirate and a sleeping Prince are all wishing to live in another story. Nobody is in agreement with the role thatthey have played.

La Laguna between two. San Cristobal de La Laguna City Council, 1999
A funny and know-it-all frogtells us of the adventures and significant events leading to the foundation of the city.

Narrative publications.

Honeysuckle. Diego Pun Editions, Tenerife, 2009.

Love in its most unusual manifestations is the center, or motor, of this book. It includes versions of classics of antiquity, like Abelardo and Eloísa, to dramatized short stories or reflections.

African stories to sleep away the fear, Diego Pun Editions, Tenerife, 2009

Africa is magic, dreams, adventure and sufferings. In the African continent stories are told to sleep away fear. This book is a tribute to the African culture from the desert to the savannah, from the exotic, to the pursuit of the chimera.

Things of the gods, Idea publishing, Tenerife, 2009 (Ateneo de La Laguna Narrative prize, 1998)
Gods also make mistakes, stumbleor dream of a better world. Wrapped in a poetic atmosphere, these texts bring us a more human viewof the world of the gods.

StrangeStories, Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, 1994.
Unusual stories from theauthor’s narrative productions. Puzzlingor strange; they show us the dark side of human beings.

Three fleeting stories of passion and other stories of love, Bailedel Sol Editions, Tenerife, 2001
The stories explore human emotions in order for us to discover the conflicts andsituations most hilarious or unusual,thatmen and women encounter in a dehumanized world.

Children and teenage fiction

Nada, no nada  and ayayay, Diego Pun Editions, Tenerife, 2010
An adaptation of a rescuedtext, about strange princesses and fools, who succeed to the amazement of those who thought themselves smarter.

ThePirateShadow(Teenage fiction), IntersevenEditorial, Tenerife, 2003, 2nd edition 2007,3rd edition.
A youngdreamer, incited by thesenseof adventure, decides to goon a pirate ship. A Stowawaywith a gift for words, who withimagination andacrazyparrot,who befriends him, manages toseize power of the ship. Thereaftereverything isan adventure.

The inventorsof stories, Alfagura, Madrid, 2006.
A creative experience, from word games, to writing and publishing five texts. The five authors obey a jester of a capricious princess who is a collector of words.

Water Legends, Ed Interseven, Tenerife, 2008

Water is a place of mystery. The rivers in which swim nymphs, the fountains where fairies drink and the sea are all places full of ​​adventures. Water is constantly present in this compendium of Canary island legends.

Legends of Fire, Ed Maresía, Tenerife

Around the campfire, stories are born. Legends of the five continents that speak of adventure, love, ecology, emotions and a distant world that will make us dream.

Writings in the bark. Ed Abundant, Madrid, 2013

Each tree contains a story. Some are mysterious, others tell of love, or of ambition or absurd wars.  All are full of feelings evoked by nature and make us laugh and dream.

Audible publications

Stars without night, Diego Pun Ed, Tenerife, 2009.

Love, misery, ingenuity, imagination and death. These are the issues you must navigate, in this audio-book. It makes usimagine, smile and think. Each story ends in a song; every word triggers a musical sensation.

Theory books

Animandoaanimar(Encouraging to encourage). Catarata, Madrid, 2006

Reflection and commitment to the promotionof reading and the formation of creativeand active readers.Reading isa virus thatis contagious.

Te cuento para que cuentes. (I tell you, for you to tell someone else)Madrid, 2007.

The authorsseekthe secrets of the story and narration. A simple buteffectivemethod ofintroducing usto thetheoryand apathy of the story.

Juegosteatralesparaanimar a leer (Theatrical games to encourage reading).Catarata. Madrid, 2008.

Theatreis, from classical antiquity, an indispensable resource for bringing young people and children closer to the world of art. A practical book, full of exercises how toarrangecharacters or prepare scenes.


Sombra de Cristal (CrystalShadow), KAEditions, Tenerife, 2008

Catherineand Arthurlive ina magical placein whichtwo different timesoverlap. Animpossible love, but full ofpassionand courage, is unleashedbetween them. This love storytells the story of theconflict betweenlifeand deathin two different eras. TheAge of Enlightenmentand theXXIcentury.

Jardín de Brujas. Apuntes para una novela (Witches Garden. Notes for a novel),Diego PunEditions, Tenerife, 2011

Oriana and Alejandro are immersed in a world of strange powers. Just by touching aforbidden book in the library seven enigmas are opened in front of them. A series of witches will chase them, taking overtheir computers and phones.

Illustrated albums

The stinky pirate, Diego Pun Editions, Tenerife

A beautiful siren sings beautiful melodies sitting on her rock throne. A dirty pirate, surrounded by flies is looking for a treasure. Fate unites them. From that moment on the pirate ship changes its course.

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